Dunecht School Staff

Head Teacher – Mr Oliver McMillan

Class Teacher – Miss Chetna Bell

Class Teacher – Miss Carolyn Bradford

Class Teacher – Miss Kirsty Mair

Class Teacher – Mrs Joanna Forbes

Teacher of Flexible Days* –  Mrs Victoria Gray (Monday to Wednesday)

Pupil Support Assistant – Mrs Louisa Lobban (Monday, Tuesday Wednesday and Friday)

Administrator and Clerical Assistant – Mrs Susan Simpson

Cook – Mrs Lorna Malcolm

Assistant Cook – Mrs Maria Uriarte

Cleaner – Susan Anderson

Visiting School Staff

Additional Support for Learning (ASL) Teacher – Mrs Catya Campbell (Tuesday)

Janitor – Ian South (Tuesday and Thursday)

Intervention and Prevention Teacher – Gary Johnson

Pupil Support Worker – Diane Forbes

School Nurse – Michelle Milne

Educational Psychologist – Fiona Seaton