Dunecht School Parent Council (DSPC)

All parents/carers are automatic members of the parent forum and are welcome and encouraged to attend Dunecht School Parent Council (DSPC) meetings. Active participation of forum members is key to maintaining the link between parents and the school, and the fundraising and social cohesion which the DSPC seeks to achieve. The DSPC is an important mechanism to improve our children’s educational experience, through discussion of school issues, and by organising fund-raising activities such as the Dunecht Dash and the annual School Fair. Proceeds have typically been allocated towards activities & outings, computers & electronic goods, and outdoor play equipment. The half dozen or so meetings throughout the year are relaxed, and last about 1-1/2 hours with a start time of 7pm and are located in the school building. On occasions when there is no other cover at home an adjoining classroom is made available for offspring, and a video or other entertainment may be put on.

Everyone can help shape the agenda by prior communication to the chairperson (Wendy Lumsden: Tel: 01330 860589 or e-mail)

Office Bearers 2023 – 2024 Meeting Dates 2023 – 2024
 Chair Person – Wendy Lumsden Tuesday 12th September 2023, 7pm
 Vice Chair Person – Judith Brack Monday 13th November 2023, 7pm (on-line)
 Treasurer – Kate Glass Thursday 1st February 2024, 7pm
 Secretary – Alison Hull-Bailey Monday 22nd April 2024, 7pm (on-line)
 Events – Sally Pirie Monday 10th June 2024, 7pm (AGM)
Planned Events 2022-2023 Meeting Minutes
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