Vision, Values and Aims

Our Vision

‘Everyone Learning Together’

Our vision for Dunecht School is to encourage pupils to be confident individuals, showing respect and caring for all, aiming high and achieving well, with everyone working enthusiastically together, developing responsible attitudes and independence in learning and life.
We recognise the benefits to the pupils of parents and staff working together for the all-round development of each child.

Our Values

Responsibility, Respect, Honesty,
Fairness, Kindness, Happiness.

Our Aims

To engage our young people in the highest quality learning and teaching.
To focus on outcomes and maximise success for all.
To develop a shared vision for our school and everyone in it.
To foster high quality leadership at all levels.
To work in partnership with other agencies and our wider community.
To work together with parents to improve learning.
To reflect on our work and fulfil our learning potential.
To value and empower our pupils and staff.
To promote well-being and respect.
To develop a culture of ambition and achievement